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Monday 9th January                      Dai Davies - Ysgol Dewi Sant

Monday 14th March                       Simon Hancock - Pembrokeshire Legends and Ghosts      PDF SUMMARY

Monday 18th April                          Paul Edey - Trawling our Archives - images from the past      PDF SUMMARY

Monday 9th May                             Edward Perkins - The French Invasion of Fishguard     PDF SUMMARY

Monday 13th June                          Alan Davies - Childood Memories & History of Prendergast, Solva      PDF SUMMARY

Monday 11th July                          Megan Rees - The Introduction of Girl Choristers at St Davids Cathedral.

August - No Talk

Monday 12th September                Mari James - Important visitors to St Davids

Monday 10th October                     Simon Hancock - Tales of Pembrokeshire Pirates & Smuggling

Monday 14th November                  Fran Murphy - The Ocky White Dig


Meetings limited due to Covid-19 restrictions

Monday 13th September               The Right Reverend J. Wyn Evans -  - Dean Lewellin's Walking Stick

Monday 11th October                    The Venerable Dorrien Davies - Archdeacon?

Monday 8th November                    Luke Jenkins - The Excavation of St Patrick’s  Chapel, Whitesands      PDF Summary


Monday 13th January                    Prof. Andrew Petersen  - ‘The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem     PDF Summary

Monday 10th February                  Patricia Swales Barker -  ‘The Shops of Haverfordwest’              PDF Summary

Monday 9th March                         V. Rev’d Dr. Sarah Rowland Jones, Dean of St Davids - ‘From Diplomat to Dean’

No Meetings in the remainder of 2020 due to Covid-19 restrictions


Monday 14th January                      Michael Marshman  -  ‘A Brief Look at Ale House History & Names’     PDF SUMMARY

Monday 11th February                    John Evans   -  ‘The Flying Boats of Pembroke Dock’               PDF SUMMARY

Monday 11th March                        Simon Hancock - ‘The Great War at Sea’    PDF SUMMARY

Monday  8th April                            Howard Rudge - ‘Margaret Beaufort - mother of Henry VII’        PDF SUMMARY

Monday 13th May                             Mari James - ’St David's - the only Cathedral Library in Wales’   PDF SUMMARY

Monday 20th May                            Visit to Museum of Scrimpanology  in Llangwm                           PDF SUMMARY

Monday 10th June                            Gareth Mills: ‘William Marshal - The Greatest Knight in Christendom Castle’      PDF SUMMARY

July & August - No Talk

Monday 9th September                   Andrew Westman - ‘Archaeology above ground: investigating old buildings’               PDF SUMMARY

Monday 14th October                        Roger Antell - ‘The Early Postal Services of Pembrokeshire’                                         PDF SUMMARY

Monday 11th November                   Paul Edey - ‘ A Pembrokeshire Potpourri’                                                                      PDF SUMMARY

Monday 9th December                      The Society Christmas Dinner -  Mayor Mike Chant


Monday 8th January                          Simon Hancock  - ‘Pembrokeshire Women in World War 1’                

Monday 12th February                       AGM: Martin Roberts - ‘Dinas to the Antipodes’                               

Monday 12th March                           Marc Muller - ‘Slave Owners in Pembrokeshire ’                                

Monday 9th April                               John Beynon - ‘Captain George Mathias & the Beynon Family Tree’   

Monday 14th May                               Simon Hancock - ‘Witchcraft in 17th Century Pembrokeshire’              

Monday 11th June                             Ffion Rees - ‘Ramsey Island and Beyond’                                           

Monday 9th July                                 Visit with Archdeacon Dorrien Davies to the Priory Church of St Mary Magdelene, St Clears


Monday 10th September                    Rt. Rev. Wyn Evans - ‘The Pre-Victorian Cathedral’

Monday 8th October                           Grace Davies - ‘Solva 100 Years Ago’                                                   

Monday 12th November                     Paul Edey - ‘So  you think you know St Davids?’

Monday 10th December                     The Society Christmas Dinner. Speaker: Edward Perkins                    


Monday 9th January                          Martin Roberts - N.Pembrokeshire Unbuilt Harbours, Railways,Airports  

Monday 13th February                       Paula Ellis - ‘The Retreats Group’

Monday 13th March                           Sarah Beynon - ‘The Bug farm … Then & Now’

Monday 10th April                              Anne Eastham  - ‘Diet in the Stone Age’           

Monday 8th May                                 The Rt. Rev. Wyn Evans - ‘Houses in the Close’

Monday 12th June                              Martin Roberts - The Smalls Lighthouse

Monday 26th June                              Visit to Roche Castle 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Monday 10th July                                Visit to Llangwm Heritage Site


Monday 4th September                       Robert Davies - ‘Knights Hospitaliers & Pilgrimage’

Monday 9th October                            Alan York  - ‘A History of Pembrokeshire Quakers’

Monday 13th November                      Paul Edey  - ‘Treasures from the archives’         

Monday 11th December                     Tom Halliwell - ‘A Childhood in the Close’           


Monday 11th January                          Sally Martyn - Hidden Histories of Southwood

Monday 8th February                          Tom Halliwell - Early Sound Recordings

Monday 14th March                             Martin Roberts - Brunel's Right Hand Man  (Arthur James of Treleddyn (1816 - 1866)

Monday 11th April                               Clare Orr - "Familiarisation with the Pembrokeshire Archive".

Monday 9th May                                  John Daniels - "The Seal Bay Investigation"

Tuesday 24th May                                Rod Williams - ‘A Tour of the Constable, Turner and Sutherland Exhibition’

Monday 13th June                               Elizabeth Rawlings - “The Llangwm Heritage Project"    

Monday 20th June                               Simon Pearce - ‘The Three Cathedral Organs’    

Monday 11th July                                Canon Patrick Thomas - ‘A visit to the Cloister Garden and St Davids Shrine’    


Monday 12th September                      The Right Reverend J. Wyn Evans, Bishop of St Davids - ‘The Vicars Choral’

Monday 10th October                         Paul Edey - ‘A Window in Time: Images of Old St Davids’    

Monday 14th November                      Major Chris Fogarty, 14th Signals Regiment - ‘The Recent Tour of Afghanistan’    

Monday 12th December                       Society Christmas Dinner - Ian Hextall - ‘The National Trust in North Pembrokeshire’    

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