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Childhood Memories

At the June Talk, Members of The Historical Society and members of the audience, were invited to write about memories of their childhood.  Further information about this will be announced in forthcoming meetings.  The Historical Society would be most interested in holding a record of these memories, as an archive of social history in the area (and further afield).

Members might be interested in the following – information on the websites and Facebook pages of:

Dyfed Archaeological Trust

Regarding the on-going excavation at the site of the old Ocky White shop, Bridge Street, Haverfordwest. Some of the finds are on display in the window of the old Spitfire Museum, Bridge Street.

The Ocky White Dig can be followed on Facebook via the Dyfed Archaeological Trust website. work will be suspended briefly in July to allow for trenches to be shored up to allow them to then excavate deeper to the older layers. Volunteers have been helping with washing, bagging and recording finds in the old Spitfire Museum on Bridge Street.

The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales has various events online.

For example, The Maritime Archaeology of Wales: From Shipwrecks to Submerged Landscapes (online lecture on 28 July, 5pm).

Camrose Vintage Working Day

Will take place on Saturday, 27 August, 2022.

Image from Camrose Community Group

Home News About Us Exhibition  Talks & Events Membership & Contacts

Dr Alys Roberts

Look out for Dr Alys Roberts and the next series of Digging for Britain (possibly in the Autumn) when she and her team visited the Ocky White Friary Site in Haverfordwest in June.

Caerfai Promontory Fort

DigVentures will be returning to continue their 2021 Dig on Caerfai promontory fort. Information can be found on their website.

Haverfordwest Walkway

Western Telegraph announced proposals for a walkway to the north of Haverfordwest Castle (including changes to Nos 14A-18 Bridge Street. Perhaps a move to bring the castle more to the fore of public awareness in town?

DAT Porth y Rhaw dig

Dyfed Archaeological Trust have been undertaking their final dig on the Porth y Rhaw site. Their progress can be found on their website link to their Facebook site. they begin back-filling 12th July.